Sonya Burt – Owner

Salon Owner

I am Sonya Burt. I've been in the hair industry for 22 years, and I've been a salon owner for the past 10 years. I have a true passion for my job. As a stylist, I feel we have the best job ever! We have a privilege of making people feel better about themselves, whether it be to change their color or find them a sassy hair style. I feel that it is very important to keep up with the latest trends by attending hair shows and continually furthering my education. My staff at Platinum Scissors think the key to success as a stylist is to "listen" to your client and stay on top of the latest trends. Our clients are very important to us. As they come in week in and week out, we get to know all about their families, and that is very special to us. I've been married to Everett Burt for 18 years. We have two children, Logan - 15, and Carly - 12. I love being a stylist, but being a mom is the greatest blessing of ALL!
We at Platinum Scissors are like family, and it is our hope that our clients will be drawn in to the same feeling of family and love that gives life to our salon every day.


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